Foundational Course in Entrepreneurship

First of the Two-Part Series

The aim of this course is to equip students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and become future entrepreneurs.


It is a carefully designed & structured 13-week rigorous program offered through the colleges, at the end of which the outcome for students is to progress from a business model, MVP and a Practice Venture (PV) to a Potential Real Venture (PRV). PRV is a planned experiment to experience for real, the entrepreneurship concepts taught in closed walls of a classroom. It builds efficacy for venture creation and makes the entrepreneurial journey easy and fun-filled with its structured approach.

Course Goals

  • Learn the concepts and develop skills for identifying new business opportunities and creating innovative products and services.
  • Learn how to translate these products/services into viable and sustainable businesses.
  • The course journey includes ideation to a prototype and early customers.

Mode of Delivery

  • Direct to Classroom: Wadhwani Foundation faculty remotely conducts the program live from our premises for your students in your classroom.
  • Direct to Faculty: Wadhwani Foundation trains your faculty through an FDP program. The faculty joins the community of global entrepreneurship educators; receives ongoing program support and expert interventions for their continued development in the field of entrepreneurship education.